This loaf was an experiment. I wanted to use the oat ‘swats’ (i.e. the bit left at the bottom) from my traditional Scottish drinking fermentation, Sowans in bread. . I include a portion of roux-like pre-cooked flour and water in all of my spelt sourdoughs. It helps the loaves stay soft. Here I chose to take the waste oat paste from the bottom of my Sowans fermenting jar, and cook it up, before mixing it into the dough. . Turned out nice, don’t you think? I wish I could give you a taste. There’s a video of me cutting the loaf in my story today, along with a pic of what the ‘swats’ are (trying to describe it above was not easy!) . Thank you @rootkitchens for opening the door to Sowans for me. I have loads of ideas for how I can use it.