I made one of these for a friend, explaining how to make water kefir. She loved it so much, I thought I’d do another for Bread Kvass. . Bread Kvass is fun, fizzy and full of probiotic goodness. I’ve written up the process and you can find a link in my profile – I’ve got vids in there too that’ll make it super-clear. . As well as exploring in the kitchen, I love playing with colour. If you fancy a nose, you can see some of my colour play at @alisonfaithkay . @brenna_quinlan inspires me. She makes such fun art with such big messages. I promised her I’d tag her when I posted this. Take a look at her feed, it’s wonderful. . Back to the Bread Kvass, it’s this month’s #ancestralcookup, I’d love it if you fancied fermenting it up with me.