Going without bread is hard, right? That’s why I created this millet sourdough. We’ve been experimenting a #lectinfree protocol and we missed the joy of (and calories of) bread. . There are a lot of lectin-free breads around, but most use a large proportion of ingredients that are not grown in Italy. I don’t like that in my kitchen. . Hence aiming for 98% millet :-) This loaf uses only 4 ingredients – millet, water, salt and psyllium husk. I got the idea for using psyllium husk (a plant seed shell that absorbs water) from the wonderful @ellys_everyday. . After building a millet starter, it was super-easy. And kinda super-weird too…you can see why, and all the steps, in my story today. . Some conclusions on Dr Gundry’s #plantparadox are being formed in our collective family’s brain. I’ll write on it soon, I think. . In the meantime, I’ll get finishing this loaf!