The slow cooker is out! . This is #ossobuco, from Flavio @lavalledelsasso cooked with lots of local veg. . I’m totally enamoured by stirring sauerkraut into my stew at the moment, rather than eating it separately. The sour flavour goes so well threaded through the meaty broth. . In gut-healing diets, this is shunned, as potentially the probiotics in the kraut are killed off by the heat of the stew. But I figure, I get so much else alive (with my kefir, kvass, fermented garlic etc) that savouring the flavour like this is worth it. . Adding probiotically created sour to stews is an ancestral tradition in Eastern Europe (at least). The more I learn about traditional wisdom, the more I trust it *deeply*. And I remember Natasha Campbell McBride saying in her GAPS book that even dead probiotics do great work. . So I let flavour be my guide.