I love how the things in our homes have stories to tell. ‘Inert’ materials are not at all inert – they are alive, rich and full. . This is our table. It was hand-made from chestnut wood a long time ago by the husband of an Italian lady who lives in the town where my son goes to school 2 days a week. . We’d had a much-loved wooden table in the UK, but had to leave it behind. I looked for a long time here in Italy – a table means so very much to me – but couldn’t find anything that wasn’t so expensive it made my eyes water. I’d almost given up. . And then the day before we were due to move to a new home, I saw an ad. My heart skipped a beat and I phoned the number. Yes, it was still available. We had already booked a van to move our things…24 hours later my son was playing with the lady’s dog as my husband and our friend hauled this solid chuck of beauty out of her home and later up 3 flights of stairs to our new place. . It is the centre of the space we live it. It sings. . And when I sit at it, it whispers to me through my skin; through my fingers. It tells of all the meals eaten, all the hugs given, all the difficulties discussed, all the coffees and teas drunk. Of the laughter and tears and joy and love. . All of which was born thanks to the trees of this land and the hands and love of one man. . I am so grateful. . #veryfarmish Farmish Decor