Sourdough spelt pancake spread with chickpeas cooked tuscan-style and topped with a rustic allioli. . This is my “from scratch” for the 30 day #veryfarmish challenge that I’m co-hosting with @farmandhearth @thebyefamilyfarm and @untamed.nourishment. . Here’s how it rolled: . I mixed up the spelt pancake batter, which included some of my soudough stater, yesterday evening and left it out on the counter overnight. An hour or so before dinner, I warmed up the cast iron pan and made the pancakes one by one, frying them in home-made tallow. . I soaked the dried chickpeas in warm, vinegary water yesterday. I popped all the skins off them this morning. I then boiled them in a lot of water with a pinch of bicarb of soda for 5 minutes. I drained them, put them back in the pan and added new boiling water. I cooked them like this for 2 hours. When they were cloud-soft, in a separate pan I fried some onion, garlic and capers in olive oil, added skinned tomatoes, crushed them and cooked it all down. I tipped in the chickpeas, added copious black pepper and combined well. . Yesterday, whilst the oven was on, I roasted 6 cloves of garlic. Just before dinner, while the pancakes were cooking, I squeezed the garlic into my mortar, and mixed with olive oil, I added breadcrumbs made from my spelt sourdough that I’d soaked in vinegar for 10 minutes (and squeezed). After a lot of pounding, I added handfuls and handfuls of fresh parsley and pounded like my life depended on it! . Somehow it all came together. Crispy pancake on the bottom, creamy chickpeas slathered over it and a crisp, garlic/vinegar allioli flavour dollop on the top. I folded mine in half and dug in :-) . Writing that all up has made me realise how much work it was! Yet it didn’t seem like anything other than a joy for me. Creation from scratch, like this, is a way for me to feel expressed and to create something unique from seemingly ‘nothing’. When I finally sit at the table to eat with my husband and son a large part of me is super-smiling and fulfilled.