Day 3 of the #veryfarmish challenge and I’m choosing ‘alternative’ with some fermented cheese made at home from cashews. . My son cannot eat dairy. Imagine all the Italian cheeses he sees around here! It’s not the only thing he cannot (currently) eat and sometimes I long for him to have extra-specialness…especially when he literally jumps up and down to be involved in the making of it. . So, despite wanting as much of the produce that graces our table to be local, sometimes I make an exception. These are organic, fair-trade cashews bought from a local store. We made cheese with a recipe that @lvtrevino passed over the Atlantic to me…there’s a lot of garlic, some fresh and dried herbs and a generous spoon of sauerkraut juice to kick-start the ferment. We left it in the fridge for 5 days before tucking in (high five to a 6-year-old for having that much patience, right?!). . It was delicious and, as you can see, made his month.