At 9pm on the night before we were due to move our entire life from the UK to Italy, the van that was to drive our things hundreds of miles across Europe turned up. We then found out it only had a 3rd of the space we needed. A blow is not the word! . In that moment, I said goodbye to my two slow cookers. I went almost a year without one and how I missed it! . My new one is my ‘handy gadget’ for this month’s #veryfarmish challenge. . Meat stock and bone broth in the slow cooker are a must for me. I put the cooker on when I get up, plop the bones (here beef, some with the wonderful marrow) in, add an onion and a carrot, a dash of vinegar and some salt and pepper and leave it. By evening I have an amazing, life and food-enhancing elixir. . Interestingly, not all slow cookers are created equal and this new one I have is more my style…it cooks at a much lower temperature which is better for stock.