3 lunches, each with a different twist, displaying many moments in time together at the same meal. I’m sitting at the plate nearest you. I have feta that I popped out to pick up from our local health food store this morning. On the left sits my husband (his bread is too spacious for his plate!) and he has cold fave beans that I cooked yesterday in the day before’s beef bone broth, adding rosemary and garlic. My son’s plate is the other side of the table. He has chopped liver, left over from our lunch yesterday. . We all have salad that I made yesterday (I make a huge salad every couple of days and leave it in the fridge) and sourdough bread made at the weekend. There’s sauerkraut a-plenty (made weeks ago) and a jar of local lard to adorn our bread. . The dish in the middle of the table came home with us from the same beautiful shop where I bought the mortaio I posted yesterday. The white flower was picked my my son during a park trip yesterday and given to me as a present. . Phew, a lot of words, a lot of work. But somehow it doesn’t feel like it. It just feels like a gorgeous, delicious lunch with my family.