Love, gratitude, nourishment and hope. That, plus more, is wrapped up in food for me. Today at our table, me and my boys will celebrate Lughnasadh. It’s a Celtic festival that signals the beginning of harvest. Bread is symbolic to it. So, with my son, I dug up the first of our beetroot grown from seed and added them to a sourdough bread. Here’s the joyful mixture! We’re baking it now and will cut it for lunch. . This is the fourth time we’ve celebrated Lughnasadh now, adopting it when we were living in Cornwall, south-west England. Whilst we eat, we each speak 3 things that have happened in the last year, for which we are grateful. We couple each one with something that we pledge to do in way of gratitude. . It’s a tradition we’ve made together and I love it.