I drink a cup of freshly-ground green coffee most mornings. . It began when my hubby started roasting his own coffee. I was sad I couldn’t join in…there was no way; I just cannot handle ‘normal’ coffee. Despite being, according to 23andme, a fast caffeine metaboliser, I literally do not sleep after having coffee and it makes me feels shaky. There’s more to roasted coffee than just caffeine, me thinks. . And then I heard @bengreenfieldfitness talking about green coffee. So I tried grinding then steeping the beans. I liked it. I felt good. My sleep didn’t seem affected. . I’ve honed it a lot since them. I use organic, arabica beans. They are lower in caffeine than varieties such as robusta and also not as hard (I’ve broken a few grinders on this adventure!) I boil then simmer 2 tsp of the ground beans for 10 minutes. . I drink it mainly for pleasure. I have read that the harder you roast a coffee the higher the caffeine is. I have also read that green coffee has other compounds in it that help mitigate any caffeine. I do know there are many anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds in the green stuff! . My hubby still roasts his own beans, in our cast iron pan. I can’t convert him ;-).