May I introduce spleen crostini? It’s new to my acquaintance, but I think it’ll become a firm friend. It is (I am not joking) really good! . We we offered the pig spleen free by our local farm when we were buying liver. I searched the internet for how to cook it. I should have guessed, being in Italy, where offal has been prized traditionally, there’d be a traditional recipe making it heavenly. I was really happy to find @julskitchen telling me what to do. . I mixed it up a bit – onions, garlic and carrots, no celery. White wine not red. Some spare chicken stock. No tomato paste. Lots of oregano. The bread we served it on is the soda bread from this month’s #ancestralcookup that I toasted then smothered in lard. The spleen tastes smooth and delicate, much less strong than liver. . I sent a photo to our farmer. Food like this is connecting – to the animal whose life it was, to the farmer, to the food cycle, to creativity, to tradition. I love it.