Lard crackling spread. . I don’t know what I prefer more – the amazing lard I render from @valledelsasso’s pork fat, or the crunchy cracklings left over after the lard is made! . I eat them straight, make bread with them, and, thanks to learning from the IG community, I now make spread with them, which is a traditional use for cracklings in many parts of the world. . This is onion and garlic fried (in what else other than lard!), cooled down and the added to the processor with my lard cracklings, two hard boiled eggs and lots of salt and pepper. So delicious (kinda reminds me of egg mayo) and keeps brilliantly in the fridge. . I’m recording with @almostbananas next week for @ancestralkitchenpodcast and she’ll be showing us how they make this in Slovakia. Can’t wait. . More pics (and lots of ancestral ale stuff) in my story today :-)