“For every complex problem, there’s an answer that is clear, simple and wrong” . Today’s podcast is an interview with an amazing woman – Nicolette Hahn Niman. She’s a mum, an author, a rancher and a lawyer. Her book Defending Beef is such a great tackling of the charge that cows are destroying our planet. . This is information and a conversation that needs to be heard. We talk about how to create a sustainable food future, the problem with global science reports, Nicolette’s move back to meat after 30 years as a vegetarian and how she balances her farm, her family and her work all whilst being able to prepare and cook real food. . Thanks to @chelseagreenbooks, we have a copy of Defending Beef to give away! To get your name in the draw, comment below, tagging someone who you think would love to hear this episode. We’ll close out the draw a week today – the 26th, and drop you a note if you’ve won!! . Book giveaway is US-only, podcast episode is available wherever in the world you live :-)