Creativity in the kitchen – how do you express it? . With me, it’s often in my bread and it often comes to life based on what needs using. . I wanted a basically spelt loaf and I also wanted to make it up as I went along. There was a packet of rye flour in the cupboard that needed finishing so I added the remains of that. Whilst in my cupboard-clearing-out mode, I noticed the end of a tub of dehydrated orange slices. I whizzed them up in the spice grinder with a generous handful of caraway seeds and added that to the dough. . There was some four-day-old rye sourdough starter in the fridge. I put a big blob of that in, added some honey, salt and water and got stuck in with my hands. . The resulting loaf is delicious and makes me want to play some more with orange and caraway. . Thank you to @ellys.everyday for making me feel OK about using ‘old’ sourdough starter and to @elliemarkovitch for being a wonderful intuitive baking ambassador! If you don’t already, go follow what they are up to in their exploratory kitchens :-) . I’d love to hear where you most like to ‘play’ in the kitchen.