Spelt sourdough with a millet and rye malt scald (you can see the bread in progress in my story today). . Since learning about scalds a few years back, adding them into my sourdough breads is something I do so often. . If you’re intimidated by giving them a go, know that they are simple. Hold a bit of your total flour back and, before mixing your dough, put it in a pan with 2-3 times its weight in water. Put the heat on and stir until it thickens. Let it cool, then add it into your dough when you mix. . It’ll give you a longer-lasting crumb which is also softer, more sweetness and more brown on your crust. . I have a recipe for a spelt with scald on my website, which Elly over at @ellys.everyday filmed a video of – there’s a link to that video in my linktr.ee. . If you’ve got scald questions, fire away!