I’m back on it with the ancestral beer! Here we have three bottles of rye beer made to a 5,000-year old recipe (inspired by @sandorkraut’s process in #wildfermentation) from home-sprouted grain. They are about to go down for a second fermentation which will develop the flavour and give some carbonation. . Like my previous batches, I’ll be using the spent grain from this process to make bread and porridge. This time however, instead of using the grains straight out of the ferment, I’m going to try dehydrating the larger pieces and then grinding them into flour. . This is a particularly interesting brew for me as, instead of using sourdough starter to kick the fermentation, I’ve ‘borrowed’ some of the millet starter I use to make Boza (see my story if you want to know what Boza is) and have tried using that. This second starter has a *much* stronger yeast profile (rather than the strong bacteria profile in the sourdough starter) which should mean my beer is far less sour. . Some videos and more pictures in my story today.