Have you ever fermented sweet potato? . Most @sandorkraut fans know about sweet potato fly, the fermented drink from Guyana, but here I’ve instead fermented cooked sweet potato. . I started doing it when Gabriel was a baby, inspired by a recipe in the wonderful cookbook Nourishing Traditions. Here, I’ve used whey as a starter (in cubes that I’d previously frozen), but you could use any starter – if I didn’t have any whey, I’d have used kraut juice or some of my ginger bug. . After mashing the skinned cooked potato with the whey, I covered and left it in a warm spot for a day. We then reheated it for breakfast. I topped mine with ghee, took a picture and then liberally doused it with ground linseed and soaked, dehydrated almonds. . Here’s a reference I think only works for those who grew up in 1980s UK (but perhaps I’m wrong?) – it tastes like prawn cocktail Skips. Remember those? If not, I can try to elaborate: It’s delightfully fizzy and sweet with tomato-acid hints. Delicious!