Do you remember these phones?! When I was 20, this Nokia was a fixture in my bag. And 25 years later, it is again. Because, a few years back, I gave away my iPhone. . Today’s podcast episode is about technology. When my co-host, @farmandhearth found out that I am smartphone-free, that I use an eink book reader as my main computer, that we don’t have wifi in our house, and that I’m regulating my social media use (taking days off every week), she really wanted to talk to me about it. . And this is our conversation. . We talk about both the physical health effects of the devices and systems we use (the screens, the light, the emf) and the psychological health effects (on our state of mind, our relationships and our time). We also cover the alternatives – in terms of hardware and in terms of habits. . If you have any doubts about your interaction with tech, or if you think that devices are affecting your health, have a listen. I started looking for alternatives nearly a decade ago and I’ve been able to take it further than most. I’m hoping they’ll be some sparks in the conversation that’ll work for you.