Lasagna with home-made sourdough spelt pasta. . The pasta is egg-free and made with organic, Italian spelt. It was put through the hand-crank #imperia pasta machine by my 7-year-old and I. The sauce is beef mince from my #farmerman Flavio @valledelsasso complimented with a tomato sauce bought at our town’s contadini market (from @radiciumane), tuscan onions and oregano from my crazily-growing plant. . I grated some parmesan (which is always from raw milk here) on the top because I love the crunch and taste. . Tomato doesn’t happen that often in our house, because, as we’ve worked out, my son is lectin-sensitive. A long health journey has taught me, that in our case at least, food intolerances can be complicated and health is a continuum, not static. Every so often we find out where our boundaries are with tests like this. Having food this way – fermented, local and organic – gives us the sure knowledge that we’re giving every ingredient the chance to tell its tale clearly. . More pictures of the lasagna process in my story today (and saved in pasta-making highlight).