Oškvarkové pagáče are a traditional Slovakian soft biscuit made with layer upon layer of blended up lard cracklings. As soon as @almostbananas told me about them, I knew I wanted have a go. . We rendered some lard with fat from @valledelsasso at the weekend. Instead of eating the cracklings right from the pan (like we usually do!), I bagsied them and blended them up ready for baking. . My interpretation of this recipe isn’t very traditional. I left out the dairy and eggs and instead made the dough (which is 100% spelt here) a sourdough ferment. I had such fun spreading the lard paste on it and folding and they smelt unbelievable cooking – probably the hardest photography without eating I’ve ever done!! . Check out my story today for lots of pics and vids of the process.