In what seems like a past life, I used to love chocolate yogurt. The tart with the sweet zinged on my tastebuds. I’d not experienced that flavour combo for years….until this morning. . Here’s how my breakfast went down: . I had some Boza (the fizzy lacto-fermented Turkish drink I make) in the fridge. I heated it up. Whilst it was warming, I ground some home-roasted cacao beans. I stirred the cacao paste into the boza and served it with some sourdough rosehip crackers. . It felt like a complete indulgence. . An indulgence that it *also* so health-giving. The millet ferment (and sourdough) are pre-digested so easy on my tummy. Warmed, the probiotics still provide me with postbiotics and paraprobiotics (article in my bio if you wanna know more about these). The cacao, processed as I do – ancestrally – provides so many nutrients. . I smiled as I tucked in. Not bad for something I made up ;-)