I’ve cooked cow’s heart 4 times in the last 6 weeks! I was determined to find out the easiest/tastiest way to cook a whole heart. . I’ve brined a whole heart, brined sliced heart, slow-cooked a whole heart, slow-cooked sliced heart and fried sliced heart. . And my conclusion: Slow-cooking a whole heart is by far the easiest. No fighting to slice the muscle-meat, no faffing with extra soaking. And the taste leaves nothing to be desired. It is so good. On top of this, you also get a divine broth to use as sauce or in other dishes. . Heart is so often overlooked. It’s not expensive, it’s lean, it’s really tasty and, slow-cooked, it’s really easy. As soon as you get it home, put in in your slow cooker with a lot of water, an onion and some carrot/celery then turn it on low and leave it overnight. . And if you cook a whole one, you’ll have tonnes of leftovers. Chunks of it even freeze well when cooked. . Here’s one of our recent lunches: heart with a gravy made of the broth, local vegetables, my sourdough and home-made lard. . Hearts and lard back-fat thanks to @lavalledelsasso and all the veg thanks to wonderful Italian producers.