Lunch for my hubby, pulled together in 20 mins, but with many more moments than that in its offering: . Millet and sorghum #lectinfree sourdough that I made yesterday. This one’s flavoured with tumeric, onion and nigella seeds… I’m experimenting! . Chicken (along with a blob of reserved juice/smaltz in the middle of the plate). I roasted this Monday, I love the ease of leaving it in the fridge and serving simply during the days that follow. . Salad, made this morning in quantity big enough to last us 4 or so days. . Topped with sauerkraut and fermented garlic (made at least 6 weeks ago) and sided (is that a verb?!) with a fermented cabbage leaf (made in November) topped with fermented sliced jerusalem artichoke (made last week). . He was happy (as always…his gratitude fuels my creation) and I was pleased enough to want a photo. . What are you eating for lunch today?