Learning Italian, and being an ancestrally-passionate cook, I often end up opening cans of linguistic worms when I get excited about a dish. . This is often because, up until very recently, Italy did not have one language. Instead, each region, even each town, had it’s own dialect, each derived separately from Latin and often very diverse. . Friccioli is the Tuscan name for small, yummy bits of pork fat. Elsewhere in Italy, they are called Ciccioli. In the UK, I think the closest we’d get to them are pork scratchings. . Anyhow, they are in this bread, which may look like a Focaccia. It sort of is a Focaccia, but if you’re Tuscan, you’re more likely to call it a Schiacciata, or because it’s got bits of pork fat in, a Ciaccia. . I’m just going to translate it as being a delicious bread with yummy bacon bits in! And, because it’s from my kitchen, it’s sourdough and wholegrain spelt. . This is the second time I’ve made this. I’ll try and get some photos of it cooked before it gets inhaled this time!