Millet and sorghum are both grown in Italy, so were my default for creating a #lectinfree sourdough. This is the best combo so far: 50/50. The bread is made soft and sweet by the sorghum, but given structure and tang by the millet. . 250g millet flour 250g sorghum flour 10g psyllium husk 120g millet sourdough starter 9g salt 500g water . I mix the flours and salt together. When the starter is peaking, I gel the psyllium in the water for 25 mins, then add in the starter. I mix all this into the dry ingredients and then leave overnight in the fridge. In the morning, I take it out, leave till room temp, the pan it up and proof for an hour and a half. 200C for 20 mins, then 175C for 35 mins and it’s done. . This is only my third attempt at a #lectinfreebread, but 2 years of making soudough has helped. Still, my next attempt will be 75/25 in favour of sorghum…we’ll see how that turns out.