It’s not Sicilian lemonade. It’s got more fizz (check out my story to see just how much!) and it’s got less sugar. But it *is* really lemony. . This is homemade whey soda, in a vintage bottle I picked up for pennies just before we moved to Italy. It’s pretty apt home for these lemon bubbles. . I created this soda by fermenting goat’s whey (left over from cheese made using milk from @aziendaagricolapodereruggeri) with sugar and flavourings – in this case a lot of freshly squeezed lemon. . I found out recently that whey is a good source of #glutathione, which has tonnes of healing properties. My hubby has been taking some to help him recover from a nasty burn. Now I get to give him it straight from the goat, via some magical fermentation, in a tasty, tangy form. And I thought I was making it for a bit of fun. Result.