Do I eat processed foods? Damn right I do! Take a look at my breakfast: . Fermented millet and sorghum porridge – I ground the grains and added water and sourdough discard before leaving to ferment overnight. . Goat milk kefir – I fermented raw milk using kefir grains. . Nuts – I soaked the almonds and walnuts in water and salt for a day, before draining and dehydrating. . You can also see ground cacao bean (fermented in its processing) and ghee (heated to remove the milk protein). . This is processing as it should be: Ancient practices, simply applied. This type of processing enhances food; it removes toxins, makes it more digestible, increases its power. . Industrial processing was created with profit as its focus. It keeps us in our place. It creates harm. . Swapping industrial processing for ancestral processing could change everything. . And. It. Tastes. Amazing. :-)