This morning, I walked down the hill, past the post office (and laden fig tree!) and under the arch here in Pontassieve, to the health food store. . It is more expensive to buy food here than to go shop in the supermarket. But it is a totally different experience – no car park, trolley, florescent lights or queues. And local, sustainable food, grown organically. . This is what I came home with. . Money is not what culture has brought us up to believe it is. It is an exchange of energy. And I believe that the intention expressed in that exchange of energy is everything. . It’s scary to believe this, when you don’t have pots of the stuff and you’ve been brought up by people whose life is run in completely the opposite way. But I feel better when I shop like this and I believe in what these people are doing, so I step forward with faith. . I really want to go and visit @bioagriturismoilcerreto – the place that grew these lentils and farro. They have an unchlorinated pool filtered by zeolites. One day! . #veryfarmish *Sustainable* post – check out my story for all the details on this month’s challenge.