Several times this summer, I’ve literally dreamt about owning a pig. The reality of my home is, however, very different. I love, love, love to cook up regenerative agriculture produce in my kitchen but I live in a 1-bedroom apartment in a town close to the hubbub that is Florence, Italy. . Still, as my gorgeous new-found IG friends: . @farmandhearth @untamed.nourishment @thebyefamilyfarm . …keep telling me: You don’t have to live on a farm to be farmish! . So, the four of us have cooked up: . The Very Farmish Challenge. . Some fun sharing for the month of September. The checklist is above, see what takes your fancy, no order necessary, interpreting the prompt in whichever way you like. Follow the hosts and use the hashtag #veryfarmish when you post! . I’m excited about seeing and reading and learning from everyone who wants to join in.