Identifying food intolerances and restricting can be a super-hard thing to do. My son, now 6, has had them since birth. We’ve been on an incredible journey to work with these, and our own, health issues. . It is, however, just this restriction plus a generous dollop of passion that has guided me in my kitchen creativity. . Here’s what came out for lunch: Left-overs Bread ‘Lasagne’ . Restriction – no tomatoes or dairy for my son for a few weeks as we fine-tune his responses to stuff. . Passion – I’ve been really fired up recently about bread waste (the UK throws out 40% of the bread that it buys). . I fried up some onions, mushrooms, garlic and red pepper. I added left-over chicken, red wine and some capers. I created a ‘lasagne’ with layers of this mix alternated with sourdough bread. I covered the lot in ample chicken stock. I baked for 40 minutes. Whilst baking I whizzed up some fresh basil, parsley, garlic, nutritional yeast and cashews into a ‘pesto’. . It was amazing and, I hardly ever say this, perhaps even better cold. . And my son doesn’t feel like he’s restricting at all :-)