Sourdough Porridge

Fermenting oats into sourdough oatmeal or porridge is easy and has so many benefits: The oats will be softer, cook more quickly and be easier to digest. The resulting oatmeal will be more nutrient-dense thanks to reduction of the mineral-leaching … Read More

The Best Way to Soak Oats

Oatmeal, or porridge, is a wonderful way to start the day. And soaking your oats the night before you cook them can make the breakfast you consume tastier, easier to digest and more nutritious. Soaking oats potentially, depending on how … Read More

Threshing Home-Grown Oats

Threshing my home-grown oats.
Diving into oats, historically, culturally, nutritionally and culinarily is connecting me to my ancestors in such a beautiful way.
See how small (and beautiful) my harvest is?!
I haven’t used my oats yet…you know when something is so precious, you just can’t bring yourself to?!!
What shall I do with them?!

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