I’m Alison Kay, welcome to my kitchen! I create tasty, real, nourishing food with ingredients local to my home, near Florence in Italy.

Food has always played a huge role in my life.

I love cooking because…

It’s fun! I love to touch food, to see its colours, textures and shapes; its life. It brings me delight as well as slowing me down and connecting me to my body and the cycles of my life.

Why would I buy pre-prepared food when I could have so much fun creating a dish that is more easily digestible, supports my local environment, has less food miles and packaging, is fresher, doesn’t contain preservatives or chemicals?

Feeding those I love home-made food, bringing people together at the table makes me feel deeply satisfied, joyful, useful and expressed.

Why is my cooking the way it is?

I care about what I put into my body. I want to feed myself and my family meals that are nourishing, easy to digest, satisfying and as close to ‘natural’ as possible. I’ve been the other way and I wasn’t healthy.

I love kitchen challenges! Oh, to experiment, play, try things out, create something new and different. At times, both mine and my family’s food choices have been restricted due to health – I have always used this time to be super-creative.

I believe in traditional wisdom, developed over years and passed through generations. I give my imagination, time and money to engage with that, not products developed by companies whose main goal is to make a profit.

I want to support and be part of the environment and economy of the place I live and encourage agriculture that cares for the land and those who live and work on it.

Say hello!

I love to connect; I love people – that’s why I’m here on the www and on Instagram. Write to me at .

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