Spelt Sourdough Every Day – Cookbook from Ancestral Kitchen Podcast


Want to bring sourdough spelt into your own kitchen?

Download Spelt Sourdough Every Day, my go-to guide that distils a decade’s sourdough spelt baking experience into an ebook that’ll enable you to bring the wonders of this ancient grain and sourdough to life.

“Alison has written these recipes so clearly and the pictures are beautiful and inspiring. In the past I’ve wasted so much time on the internet trying to find WHOLE grain recipes – it’s nearly impossible – this recipe book has all you need in one beautiful place.” Justine

The book, which is 71-page (printer version) and 110-page (eBook version) is full of resources and recipes that will form the foundation of your family’s favourites, variations and everyday loaves for years to come. Each of the spelt recipes has been devised, baked and enjoyed many times by my family – they are my go-to recipes that fill my days and the plates of my two boys with nutrition, sustenance and pleasure!

In the book, you’ll find:

  • Eleven foundational spelt recipes (loaves, flatbreads, cakes and pastry) – from beginner to advanced, all using natural fermentation
  • A breadth of creations, from easy-to-turn-out simple spelt loaves to celebratory cakes and savoury delights
  • Breads that’ll expand your sourdough experience and practise – teaching you how to use add-ins and more advanced techniques
  • A spelt loaf risen solely with milk kefir
  • That pizza recipe!
  • An in-depth resources section with video guidance, information on sourdough starters and general baking advice
  • A fine-tuned recipe for sourdough spelt pastry – perfect for savoury or sweet pies
  • Why I chose spelt to bake with spelt and details of the economics
  • A bread especially-made for your lard cracklings!
  • My eight tips for better sourdough baking
  • Two delicious spelt cakes risen with wild, sourdough yeasts
  • A detailed look at baking equipment and what’s really necessary
  • Much more than spelt – you’ll learn about choosing chocolate for cakes, rolling pastry, baking tins, sourdough timings, proofing and storage guidance
  • 49 colour photographs
  • Printer-friendly – photographs are collected on the last few pages
  • Two PDFs of the book – one is formatted for printing, the other formatted for e-readers

“This is a wonderfully in-depth introduction to baking with Spelt. Highly recommend for any home baker!” Marisa


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