Free Printables

I know that having a reminder, right there in your kitchen, can sometimes be invaluable, so here you’ll find short ancestral food printables that you can download and keep by your side.

For more free content, check out my resources/recipes page here and my podcast, Ancestral Kitchen Podcast on your favourite podcast app or here.


My go-to Wholegrain Spelt Sourdough (I make this every week). You can find the recipe, with pictures, on my site here, but here is a printable, black-and-white, 2-page recipe.

One of our most popular Ancestral Kitchen Podcast episodes was #50 – 20 Small Steps To An Ancestral Kitchen. You can download the 20 Steps and the accompanying booklist here.

If you want to move forward, ancestrally, in your kitchen, why not try the Ancestral Kitchen Challenge? It’s 22 prompts to inspire you to take your next step, moving at your own pace. The printable version of the challenge, including a page for your notes, is here. If you want to listen to the accompanying podcast episode, you can find it here.


Want some help with creating and maintaining a sourdough starter? Here you’ll find a graphic (that I hand-drew) that clearly lays out how I make and look after my wholegrain rye sourdough starter (it’s colour, but it works if you print in black-and-white too). To learn more, you could also head to my in-depth session on sourdough starters and check out my free course at The Fermentation School, 10 Tips for Creating and Maintaining a Sourdough Starter.


Did you know you can ferment polenta and then use the leftovers to make fermented polenta bread? You can find the downloadable instructions for both here and watch the videos of me making them in my own kitchen here.


Fermented porridge is one of my go-to breakfasts! Download the instructions (that accompany the video on my homepage) for it here and get fermenting your oats (or your gluten-free flaked grains) every morning!


If you love rye bread and want to make some probiotic wild-fermented kvass with it, you can download this hand-drawn Bread Kvass graphic that accompanies my more detailed blog post explaining how to create this delicious, ancestral fermented drink.