Fermenting oats into sourdough oatmeal or porridge is easy and has so many benefits:

  • The oats will be softer, cook more quickly and be easier to digest.
  • The resulting oatmeal will be more nutrient-dense thanks to reduction of the mineral-leaching phytic acid
  • Your porridge will taste much more interesting. Many people to whom I’ve taught this method tell me they just can’t go back to unfermented oats!

It’s simple: Here’s a video that’ll walk you through it:

There is so much more to fermented oats that just oatmeal. Check out my mini-course ‘Fermenting Oats’ (it’s just $8!) to get an hour’s worth of oat fermentation tuition, including guidance on how to choose oats, the best ways to process them, all about fermented oatmeal plus recipes for :

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