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7 Delicious Ways to Use Millet in Your Kitchen!

Millet, is a tasty and versatile ancient grain. It’s economical, easy to digest, gluten and lectin free. And it’s simple and quick to cook too! On top of this, it’s an ecological grain; millet is super sustainable, requiring the lowest … Read More

Sourdough Millet Crackers

Millet is a wonderful grain to have in your cupboard. It’s quick to cook, gluten and lectin free, easy to digest and tasty. I use it in many ways in my kitchen; here I’m going to show you how I … Read More

Breakfast Bone Broth Bowl

It doesn’t have to be hard to get your daily dose of the amazing nutritional food that is bone broth! Check out my article My 5 Favourite Ways To Use Bone Broth and then cook up the simple, warming and … Read More

Sourdough Oatcakes

Oatcakes were the one of the staple foods of the Scottish, Welsh, Irish and nothern English populations long before the advent of the more modern grain, wheat. The ‘cake’ in their name may make our modern minds think that they … Read More

Traditional Scottish Oatcakes

Are you with me in your love of oats? Creamy, golden, comforting, filling…what is there not to like?! Enjoying oats is not just about porridge; oats are far more flexible than mainstream food would have us believe. The British have … Read MoreRead More

Fermented Oat Bake

Want a delicious, creative way to use fermented oats? This is tasty, easy and it keeps really well in the fridge or freezer. Eat slices hot and fresh, cut a chunk off from the leftovers as a quick snack, and … Read More

Crunchy Pig Skin

Thank you to Meredith Leigh for posting this on her Instagram and lighting my ancestral experimentation fire! Crunchy pig skin is a marvel. A product that looks like waste, transformed into a light, crispy, crunchy joy of a snack. I … Read More